Thursday, September 16, 2010

I'm at Calvin Theological Sem this semester, and i'm ready to buy my 4.0 Logos!!

Indeed it will help me dig deeper into hebrew, greek, exegetical study, and sermon preparation!

Logos 4Mac is ALSO doing this incredible giveaway people -- so check out and put your order in for the software of a lifetime! ;-)

Thursday, February 19, 2009


... Back from cultural immersion...
Back from layers
of pray-ers
wrapped up in rainbow colors draped across coffee-and-cream skin.
Back from peering eyes
deep set
heads bent
They look up
to look at
plain white me.

and forth...
to carry the curry taste like a passport
as if one stamp, like one taste, will cure the India addiction....
but one stamp is not enough...
one taste makes waste...
of all the more times i must go
..... back.


Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Sarah Palin: the Greek connection

just in time for my recent plunge (back) into the Greek language and amidst the recent swirl of the politcal debates comes a clever, quirky article from the National Review that ties Greek and the Repubican party together.

Or Greek and the Palin Party together.

Greek and Palin.

Apparently, the Greek word for re-birth in New Testament Greek is "Palingensia."

The article goes on to joke: Is this perhaps a prophecy in Bible code? Could it be a favorable omen for the Republican party? (These days it is probably wise to explicitly state that I’m kidding . . .)”

well, there u go. a laugh-out-loud connection.
I laughed, at least.

Friday, August 29, 2008

wireless wisdom.

First of all, wi-fi at Mc Donald’s is not free.

$3.11 for 2 hours.

Just so ya know. if you were hoping to duck in for a mocha and a quick, free visit to the web. Perhaps the first is still enjoyable (yes, they have good Mochas! Do not judge me), but you can check the latter off your list.

Also, check off getting your wisdom teeth pulled out.

With their removal came just more holes in my life. Needing to be filled. And so, with the ever-slow, pain-killer-filled process followed by nausea and puking from the couch, awakens the new me. Fresh off the ‘ole couch. And realizing that with the loss of my wisdom comes the promise of much more to gain. At year #2 in seminary. Woo hoo!

Some may argue that I was under the influence of meds when I chose to accept the teaching position at my local WI high school just a few weeks ago. Yes, the very high school which I graduated from not many light years ago. I accepted the teaching position via the phone from my finishing-up weeks in Hawaii. A real passionate, exciting idea it was in my mind. But alas, I hit the ground running from the moment my plane hit the ocean-less, mountain-less WI ground.

And I felt the force of revelation hit me like I ran into a tree: an awakening. I was not prepared to teach. And, as I realized, passion for something is not a substitute for proper preparation.

It was humbling, disappointing, and challenging to admit that I made the wrong decision. But as I seem to travel through life in a mad series of circles (and dashes), I soon found myself back-tracking, reversing, or, u might say, propelling ahead once again to plan A. Back to seminary in Holland, MI with the subject I love. With the friends that have helped form, free, and find me in so many ways, and a lot of stories to share straight from the island of Kauai.

It’s now been a week since I lost my wisdom (teeth).

But, with the promise of inspiring classes on the way, and a new language (Hebrew) to add to my in-the-process body art, I take a deep breath. and smile. The smile a mixture of pain meds, mocha latte, and more tattoos to come. And the reminder from the Beloved today that He has made me glorious. Not sure that I see the latter, but hey, I now have more space to let Him work His magic.

And I have a GPS now.

So, maybe I can stop traveling in circles. For a while.

Let’s remember the words of our late friend: Johann Wolfgang von Goethe: “One lives but once in the world.”

Friday, August 8, 2008


Along the way to hiking to the most amazing falls E*V*E*R, me and the youth group ( pretty huge, scott and rach):) nearly didn't make it due to hunger. i mean really. no joke. a 7 hour hike, folks. think about it.

But....we found: dun dun dun: MOUNTAIN APPLES! yayaaah! is us...trying to get them down from the very high trees!
And then,-- it paid off. the waterfall cascading down from, I don't know, maybe 1,000 feet?!! I mean, HOW BIG IS GOD, people? that's what i'm saying.

It was, by the way, worth it.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Saturday night, July 12 ~ Enjoying the Obon season festivities -- the dancers of all ages, sizes, and race make their moves in the bon dance ring, easing into the movement in time with the slowly fading sun. Lights, drums, food, laughs, action!

Glenn, Mary, and I enjoy the Japanese food (aka, corn dog?!) and excitement of observing a much-esteemed tradition. This Buddhist tradition comes from the legend of a man dancing for joy holding a bon (aka, round tray piled with food) after he set his mother free from hell due to his penitence on her behalf...

But I wonder how many people actually know that story.

I also enjoyed the really beautiful temple; beautiful people; beautiful costumes and rich display of the many cultures of which the Hawaiian island wears like its heart on its sleeve! Like Joseph and the "coat of many colors," I find that Kaua'i is indeed draped with a coat of many cultures -- each shade and hue highlighted by different ethnic groups, island locations, and rich heritage that drapes the island in mysterious beauty. Enjoy!